alternative cleaning solutions NW Ltd

quality assurance statement

It is the policy of Alternative Cleaning Solutions to provide quality work, services, and products that meet or exceed the expectations and requirements of our Clients. Alternative Cleaning Solutions is committed to continuous quality improvement through involvement of all personnel and Clients, in a systematic, logical process, to continually improve Alternative Cleaning Solutions work practices and procedures.

What We Believe

Everything that we do is based around our company director’s favourite quote:

“Quality means doing it right when no-one is looking.” – Henry Ford

Everyone who works for our company is committed to providing first-class service, and this is something that we want our customers to receive every time.

From concept to completion, our work is built upon:

  • Only Employing Professionals Who Are Able to Do the Job
  • Insisting on the Highest Standards of Materials and Workmanship for Every Job
  • Remaining Mindful of Budget and Programme
  • Satisfying Legislative and Regulatory Requirements
  • Operating an Effective Quality Management System to Satisfy Your Needs
  • Continually Improving Our Performance and Products by Assessing and Reviewing Our Quality Policy