Blast Cleaning and Other Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Services

When you require commercial and industrial cleaning solutions, look no further than ACS NW LTD. From shot- and sand-blast cleaning to industrial painting, we complete all services to the highest possible standard. Contact us today to book our services throughout the UK.


Shot and Sand Blasting

What Is It?

Available to industrial and commercial clients of all sizes, shot- and sand-blasting is carried out on-site by our professional team. This includes all blast-cleaning, preparation, and finishing services. Our services are suitable for heritage restoration projects.

The process of shot/grit-blasting or sand-blasting involves the use of compressed air and an abrasive medium. Possible applications include removing rust, corrosion damage, paint and other coatings from brickwork, timber, steel, concrete, and stone.

We are equipped to shot-blast using a wide range of media, including:

Shot and Sand Blasting List

  • Metal Shot or Ball

  • Aluminium Oxide

  • Silicone Granules

  • Glass

These are specified to offer a wide range of surface conditions which optimise the performance of the finished deposit.

Who We Serve

Backed by more than 26 years of experience, we provide our services and experience to the following industries:

Who We Serve List

  • Marine Companies

  • Oil and Gas Industries

  • Power Stations

  • Rail Industries

  • Structural Steel Building Companies


Industrial Painting

ACS NW LTD offers industrial painting services throughout the UK. With our skilled operatives, extensive knowledge and access to modern coatings and coating systems, we complete industrial painting projects of any size in a variety of locations.

Our team are highly experienced in painting steelworks across a variety of markets and challenging environments. Covering both internal and external painting work, we ensure all services are individually tailored to suit your budget and requirements and fit in with your production schedules. We complete projects at sites of all types and sizes, including:

Industrial Painting List

  • Industrial Buildings

  • Steelworks

  • Warehouses

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Factories and Production Plants

  • Quarries


Commercial Cleaning

What We Do

We’re proud to offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services. Utilising more than 26 years of experience, our team has the expertise to be part of your regular cleaning and maintenance routines.

Our technicians specialise in factory cleaning, and we’re able to offer extensive cleaning during shutdowns, breakdowns, or at any other time. All work is provided to tight deadlines, which is vitally important for production line cleaning and in a plant’s downtime.

What’s more, all works are expertly managed and undertaken in line with our robust method statements and risk assessments. Photographic reports of all work are supplied on request.

Previous Work

Some of the work that we’ve undertaken includes:

Previous Work List

  • Property Restoration

  • Marine Car Deck Restoration

  • Car Body Shell Restoration

  • Timber Restoration

  • Walls, Fireplaces, and Inglenooks

  • Stone and Brickwork

  • Gates and Railings

  • Garden Furniture

  • Ironwork and Steelwork

  • Yacht and Boat Hulls

  • Stairways and Fire Escapes

  • Fire-Damaged Property



What We Do

When ladders won’t do, our access experts are available to help. From high-level steelwork to commercial buildings and structures, we’re able to offer cleaning solutions in a variety of environments. We’re fully insured for all works, and the methods that we use range from vacuuming to power washing. Site-specific risk assessments and method statements are adhered to, and all technicians go through a rigorous medical prior to beginning work.


We’re experts in access work, especially when repair needs to be carried out at a high level. When it’s impossible or impractical to use other methods, we’re able to carry out:

Rope Access Work List

  • Building Facade Cleaning

  • Cablework Systems

  • Concrete and Joint Repairs

  • Fire Systems

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • Lighting

  • Mastic and Sealant Works

  • Painting

  • Pest Control and Bird Netting

  • Pipework Systems

  • Vegetation Removal

Cleaning Commercial and Industrial Properties

Our commercial and industrial cleaning services include blast cleaning and industrial painting.